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If a text appears on the news-ticker you can click at it and it will lead you to the website where the news are contented in; for example to gunslinger or to the archives site, where you’ll find the old scanned Hawkzines

eotadesg with the design button, you’ll always reach with one click only to the startsite of the Hawkzine. if you click the back2start script, you’ll lead to the startsite.

If you click the *design by Edge of Time Art script you’ll be leaded to the site of E.O.T.A./E.O.T.A.R. there you’ll find a lot of graphical stuff and informations about our bands and Designs


If you want to support our work, you can donate money with paypal or buy the CDs of the bands which belong to this label; like *schroedinger’s Cat* or *Lucifer’s Rising* or *Spherical Noises* or *Busking Flatfoot Iain* that are all bands of I.Sebastian (Iain Hawk) Khan, the publisher of the Hawkzine. We also support other bands in our webshop, which hopefully soon will be added.

Below every site, you’ll find shortcuts with all sites which belong to the same plain; on the left site you’ll find buttons with all sites of the same plain and one site above. so you can navigate through our pages. the navigation-bars are all with the same function; only the design is sometimes a bit different. Hope you think this help site was helpful. and now much fun!!!


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