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HawkWorldZine Impressum

The HawkWorldZine is published in 2 issues a year only online

all rights reserved.

If there are articles & reviews which are not written by the publishers, they are copyrighted by the authors.

articles which are signed by the authors maybe would not be as in the same opinion as the publisher


HawkWorldZine Adress:

Sebastian I.Khan

NetObjects Fusion 10
Tannschachstraße 7

76316 Malsch

phone: 0049 (0)7204-215433

mobile: 0049 (0)175 9742714

mail: hawkzine@web.de

for pictures, mp3s. or articles/reviews please contact us above before sending them; you’ll get a different mail adress:

The HawkWorldZine is a zine of Progressive Rock and Hawkwind- related bands

you’ll also find reviews and interviews with not Progressive-Bands there inside. the important thing is, that the bands should play their own stuff.

Coverbands won’t be supported!!! The magazine is uncommercial

We do this for the honour and the fame that awesome bands should be never forgotten!!!

If you want to support us, than you can donnate some CDs or books or something like that. or write some reviews about good bands or festivals and send it to us...also you can donate some money or buy our other products

All new zines will be free for download in PDF-file format; you can print them as often as you like. If you want to have a print from us, you have to pay the print and the postage

you can also donate some money or order some merchandise articles to support us.

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